Smash Repairs Northern Beaches,Case Study

This was the first time that this client had needed to call our Auto Body Smash Repairs. The Northern Beaches can be very traffic heavy in peak hours and this client, who lives on the Northern beaches of Sydney, was driving his Audi TT to his place of work on the North Shore.

Smash Repairs Northern BeachesThe Audi TT is a high performance Coupe with sporty lines and sleek styling. Great for the open road it is equally as good in traffic. Since our client is a manager for a large telecommunications company - he had bought the Audi as a reward for his 40th Birthday.

And this morning, he had plenty of time to enjoy the drive in his luxurious Coupe before arriving at his place of work for his first meeting. He had no idea that he would be calling us at our Brookvale Auto Body Smash Repairs.

The Northern Beaches were pleasant that sunny morning and the traffic was no heavier than normal - a slow forward progress with lots of stops and starts. And it was on one of these stops - that the incident occurred - and he was rear ended by a vehicle while waiting at the lights.

The incident and resulting damage

The entire rear end of the Audi TT Coupe was demolished. It required a new rear end, spoiler, light units and bumper. Being a manager, our client took advantage of our courtesy car and continued on his way to his meeting. A loan car was important to this client as he attended a lot of meetings throughout the city.

Replacement parts were obtained from Audi and installed at our Auto Body Smash Repairs Centre in Brookvale. The entire vehicle needed to be re-sprayed, so that the colour of the replaced rear panels perfectly matched the entire car. And our state of the art colour matching technology makes sure that the colour flawlessly matches the manufacturer's specifications.

Following a computer diagnostic test to ensure that all the systems were reset and a thorough detailing, the vehicle was returned to its owner.

The results

The Audi TT Coupe looked as good as new and our client was very pleased. And this client was so impressed with our service that he has referred a number of other clients to our Auto Body Smash Repairs.

Northern Beaches driving can be hazardous at times, especially during peak hour traffic, and accidents are unavoidable. So we aim to give all of our clients a professional and exemplary service - no exceptions.

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