Smash Repairs, Narrabeen Case Study

The base of our operations is in Brookvale, but a large amount of our work comes from the northern suburbs of Sydney. And when people are involved in an accident, one of the first calls they make is to our family owned and operated Auto Body Smash Repairs.

Smash Repairs NarrabeenNarrabeen is not far away from our establishment, so it didn't take us long to help out this client. The owner's day had started out as normal - he was driving his Audi A5 through Narrabeen on his way into the city.

The incident and resulting damage

Suddenly out of nowhere a vehicle on his right seemed to lurch towards him, violently impacting him and pushing the Audi into the gutter. Thankfully there were no injuries - but his car was un-drivable.

The whole side panel on the driver's side was crushed in and there was mechanical damage on the passenger side of the vehicle.

The solution - Auto body Smash Repairs, Narrabeen Incident

After being delivered to us at our auto body shop, the owner was given the loan of a courtesy car for the duration of the repairs. With his loan car he could go about his day and leave the Audi with us - a stress free solution for the owner.

We sourced and fitted new, genuine front head lights from Audi. Then the front, side and driver's door panels all needed to be panel-beaten back into shape. The Audi was then resprayed using our state of the art computer controlled colour matching system. This ensures that the respray is an exact match to the manufacturer's specifications.

Once the parts were replaced and the car was resprayed, the Audi was sent to the Audi Service Centre. We always ensure that any mechanical repairs are performed by people who are specialists in that particular vehicle - and Audi was the sensible choice for this luxury, high performance car.

Following the mechanical repairs by Audi, the car was returned to our auto body shop where a complete detailing was undertaken. Computer diagnostics had already been performed at Audi (following the mechanical repairs) so all that was left for us to do was to call the client and deliver his newly repaired Audi.

The results

The client was astounded when we delivered his repaired Audi - all the way from our Brookvale Auto Body Smash Repairs shop to Narrabeen. He was delighted in our professional service and even though he was grateful for the loan of a courtesy car - he was very happy to have his own vehicle returned to him.

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