Smash Repairs, Mosman Case Study

This gentleman was driving along Military Road, in the harbour side suburb of Mosman, one sunny Saturday morning. He and his family were driving their BMW 5 series, family vehicle to visit friends on the northern beaches for a BBQ get-together. The last thing on this owner's mind that morning was having to make a call to our Auto Body Smash Repairs.

Smash Repairs MosmanMosman is always busy, but the traffic generally flows steadily, especially on weekends, and there are usually no hiccups along the way. This suburb is not known as an accident prone hotspot, but we do have our fair share of calls at our Smash Repairs shop from Mosman.

The incident and resulting damage

The incident occurred about 10am along Military Road. The owner was waiting at the traffic lights when he was rear ended by an elderly gentleman. Luckily, there were no injuries, but there was substantial damage to both vehicles.

The whole rear section of the BMW was pushed in and the lights were smashed. The car was unable to be driven.

The solution - Auto body Smash Repairs, Mosman Incident

We arranged for the vehicle to be collected and delivered to Brookvale - the site of our Auto Body Smash Repairs. Mossman was not far away so we drove the family home and then the husband came to our establishment to collect a courtesy loan car for the duration of the repairs.

We assisted the owner in contacting his insurance company about the incident. However, an added complication was that the elderly gentleman, who had rear ended our client, had allowed his insurance to lapse. This meant that our client's insurance company would have to approach the elderly gentleman to recover their costs.

None of this was of any concern to our client however, as he was fully insured. So he drove the courtesy loan car home and left the repairs to us at Auto Body Smash Repairs.

We sourced the new light units from BMW and had to replace the entire rear end of the vehicle. This required a complete respraying of the whole vehicle, using our computer enhanced colour matching technology.

Computer diagnostics to reset the computer and a thorough detailing completed the repair job.

The results

The owner and his family were glad to have their own vehicle returned and were very pleased at the rapid time frame and the professionalism of our people at Auto Body Smash Repairs.

Mosman is one of the suburbs that we service and we work hard to ensure that all repairs are completed in rapid time for our clients.

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