Smash Repairs, Mona Vale Case Study

It was a busy weekday when we received the call from this lady at our Auto Body Smash Repairs. Mona Vale is one of the upmarket suburbs on the Northern Beaches of Sydney - a good 30 minutes from the city. This lady owned a luxury, high performance Lexus 4WD which was her pride and joy.

Smash Repairs Mona ValeThe Lexus was the family car and every morning the owner took her children to school and then returned home where she ran a consulting business. She had just finished the morning run and had arrived back at her home when the accident happened.

The incident and resulting damage

The lady owner pulled into her driveway and stopped. Unfortunately, her foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator. This action resulted in a rapid forward motion which ended when the Lexus hit the front of her house. The house was actually fine, but the front end of the Lexus was severely damaged.

The solution - Auto body Smash Repairs, Mona Vale Incident

After arranging for the owner and her car to be collected and delivered to us at Brookvale, we arranged for the load of a courtesy car for her at our Auto Body Smash Repairs. Mona Vale is not far away and so the owner was able to resume her day while we moved forward with the repairs to her Lexus.

The main damage was to the front end of the vehicle and to the driver's side which had been crumpled and pushed back with the force of the impact. The vehicle required replacements for the front light system on the driver's side - head lights, high beam and a separate fog lighting system.

It also required a new bumper, front grill and front panel. We sourced all of the replacement parts directly from Lexus. This ensured that the vehicle would once again meet the high safety and performance standards inherent in all Lexus vehicles.

The driver's side panel did not need to be replaced - it just required a small amount of panel-beating to return it to its manufacturer's specifications. And once all the new parts were fitted, the entire car was resprayed using our unique colour matching technology, so that the colour was completely uniform over the entire car.

Computer diagnostics ensured that all the systems were working correctly and following a thorough detailing, the vehicle was returned to its owner.

The results

The owner was very pleased with the return of her Lexus SUV. The car looked as new - there was no evidence that it had been involved in an accident at all - the finish was flawless.

Our clients are important to us and we make every effort to always exceed our client's expectations at our Brookvale Auto Body Smash Repairs. Mona Vale is one of the many suburbs that we service from our base in the Northern Beaches.

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