Smash Repairs, Dee Why Case Study

We love the Lotus range and every now and again one turns up that requires a fair bit of work at our Auto Body Smash Repairs. Dee Why is a lovely coastal suburb on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and even though it is close to the city, it seems like it is miles and miles away.

Smash Repairs Dee WhyThe Lotus Exige S Roadster is a stunning rear wheel drive sports car with a mid-mounted, supercharged 3.5 V6 engine that can go from zero to a hundred in 8.5 seconds. For the owner, a young executive, it was his second Lotus - and definitely not his last.

He worked in the city and used public transport to commute to work, saving the Lotus for luxurious weekend trips. He loved taking the Lotus out on the open road and had spent many a long weekend relaxing behind the wheel.

The incident and resulting damage

This particular weekend he was driving to visit a friend and had not noticed the speed bump in the road. Because he hadn't noticed it, he approached the hazard too fast - and as the Lotus is a low slung car he hit it at speed.

The result of this impact was that the front end was crumpled and pulled backward. There was also damage underneath the front of the car - as the car scaped over the speed bump.

The solution - Auto body Smash Repairs, Dee Why Incident

So we arranged for the car to be collected and brought to us at our Auto Body centre for Smash Repairs. Dee Why is close to the city, so the owner did not require a courtesy car while his Lotus was in for repair.

Because the Lotus is a luxury European car, we contacted the manufacturer for instruction on how to remove and replace the front end. This is important because the manufacturer's specifications are precise and to ensure ongoing safety, must be followed exactly. Repairing these sports cars requires specialist knowledge.

Repairs to the Lotus included reshaping the front nose panel of the car and spray painting the whole front end, including the bonnet. Computer diagnostics and a complete detailing completed the job.

The results

The owner was very pleased to have his sport car returned, and very happy with the service he received at our Brookvale Auto Body Smash Repairs. Dee Why is only a short drive from Brookvale and the owner was extremely pleased when we delivered his newly repaired and 'good as new' Lotus to him.

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