Smash Repairs Brookvale, Case Study

The very last thing on this businessman's mind on this sunny, weekday morning, was Autobody Smash Repairs. Brookvale as usual, was busy this morning, so he had dropped the children off at their school and driven the short distance to his first meeting of the day.

Smash Repairs BrookvlaeHe found an ideal spot in a side road, not far from his meeting, parallel parked his new Audi Q5 4WD and then walked the short distance to the premises of his potential client.

Everything went well and he was very pleased with the results of the meeting. He had just signed up a new client and he felt that their relationship would be mutually beneficial. He knew he was on a win and he felt successful. Life was good.

The incident and resulting damage

Approaching his Audi from the rear he noticed that the passenger side wing mirror was broken - smashed and angled downwards. Then he saw that the whole passenger side of his Audi had been side swiped. Both the front and back doors were dented, pushed in and of course the paint was scraped off along the whole passenger side. Including the front and rear panels.

His car was now un-driveable. And since he relied on his car for his business, this was more than a slight inconvenience to him. He also had a busy week ahead of him and children to chauffeur to school each morning. His day had become suddenly much worse.

The solution - Auto body Smash Repairs, Brookvale

After receiving his call, we arranged for both the gentleman and his Audi to be collected immediately and delivered to us at Auto Body Smash Repairs in Brookvale. We arranged a courtesy car for the entire length of time his car was off the road - and since this was also an Audi Q5 4WD - he was much happier.

Before he drove off to continue with his day, in his courtesy car, we assisted him in lodging a claim with his insurance. We later liaised with his insurance assessor, who agreed with our evaluation of the damage.

We replaced the front and rear panels and panel-beat the front and rear passenger doors back into shape. Then using our state of the art technology with a computer controlled colour matching system, we spray painted the entire side of the vehicle in our dust free, temperature controlled booth. Our diagnostic computer was used to reset the car's computer following the accident. And following a complete and complimentary detailing, the vehicle was returned to its owner.

The results

The result was a client who was very happy with the repair work performed at Auto Body Smash Repairs in Brookvale. And he stated that he hardly realised his car was off the road - because his courtesy car was the exact same model as the one he drove.

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