Prestige Smash Repairs, Sydney Case Study

This client runs his own graphic design business and travels a lot, vising his clients. His clients are located throughout NSW and he had purchased a Volkswagen Touareg, so that he could enjoy all the driving he needed to do - in style and comfort. Luckily, he had never had to contact our prestige Smash Repairs in Brookvale - but unfortunately, that was about to change.

Prestige Smash Repairs SydneyOn one of his many trips to visit clients he was driving out in the country and it was becoming close to dusk. He was returning to his overnight accommodation after a successful meeting with his client and he was looking forward to a first-class dinner and an early evening, before the drive back to Sydney the next day.

The incident and resulting damage

It was along this country road that the incident happened - and it is every driver's nightmare - he hit a large kangaroo that had hopped in front of his vehicle. It happened before he knew it, one minute the road was clear and the next - this very large kangaroo was right there in front of him. He could not avoid hitting it.

His car was un-drivable. But his expert driving skills meant that he was uninjured, and as there were no other vehicles on the road at the time, only his car was involved in the incident.

Another piece of luck for our client was that he used his smart phone to search for prestige Smash Repairs in Sydney - and so he gave us a call. We immediately arranged for his vehicle to be collected and delivered to our Smash Repairs Centre in Brookvale.

A courtesy car was arranged straight away for this client, which was invaluable to him due to his line of business.

We had to replace the radiator and condenser, both headlight units and fog lights. And whilst the side panels were untouched, the bonnet had to be replaced. As with all of our clients, a computer diagnostic was performed to reset the computer and a complete detailing was performed. The car was then returned to the client.  

The results

Our client was extremely pleased with the results of our work at prestige Smash Repairs. He was happy to have his Volkswagen returned and was amazed because the vehicle looked brand new - just as it did when he purchased it.

Prestige Smash Repairs are located at Brookvale on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We provide auto body smash repairs for all luxury, high performance vehicles. And we do not compromise on quality or safety.

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