Audi Smash Repairs, Sydney, Case Study

We are a family owned business and specialise in insurance and private work on luxury, high performance vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Smash Repairs are located in Brookvale and we service an area from the Northern Beaches of Sydney down to Mosman.

This incident involves an Audi RS 6 Avant - an impressive luxury vehicle which is a pleasure to drive. It was a lovely, sunny weekday and the lady owner was visiting a friend on the Northern Beaches. After picking up her friend at her home, they had driven to the local shopping precinct, parallel parked the Audi on the side of a quiet road and walked to the local coffee shop.

The incident and resulting damage

When they returned to her car, an hour or so later, they were astonished at the state of her Audi. Sydney Smash Repairs had been the furthest thing from her mind that day - that was until she saw the entire driver's side of her Audi smashed in - clearly she had been side swiped by another vehicle.  

And after talking to a number of pedestrians she learned that a garbage truck had hit her Audi, but had kept on moving and had not stopped. After reporting the incident to the police, she called Audi Smash Repairs, Sydney and we arranged for her vehicle to be collected and delivered to us at Brookvale.

A courtesy loan car was arranged for the client and she left to go about her day.

The damage to her Audi was so extensive that all of the panels on the driver's side needed to be replaced - front and rear side panels and both door panels. The garbage truck had really hammered into her car.

In addition, both the front and rear driver's side light units had to be replaced as well as the rear bumper. The whole car was re-sprayed according to the manufacturer's specifications, to ensure exact colour matching. Computer diagnostics were performed and the car was returned to the client following a full detailing.  

The results

The client was very happy to have her Audi returned to her. Even though the courtesy car had performed very well, she had missed her own car. This had been her first accident in a car and it was not even her fault. She was very pleased to see that the car looked brand new once again. There was no evidence of any damage to her car - you would not know that her Audi had even had any damage.

At Audi Smash Repairs, Sydney we feel privileged to be of help our clients. And we go out of our way to ensure that the service you receive exceeds your expectations.

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