With our not at fault accident service, everything is claimed for from the other party's insurance company. With comprehensive insurance cover some insurance companies do not always include a courtesy vehicle and where they do, the type of vehicle may not be appropriate to your needs.

You may also have to pay an excess when you collect your vehicle even though the accident wasn’t your fault if you go direct through your insurance company.

At Auto Body Smash Repairs you will be provided with the same brand or model of vehicle that you own and then we will begin a thorough damage assessment and submit all of the necessary information to our Accident management partner who will conduct all of the negotiations with the third party insurance company.

Did you know under the NSW law’s you have the right to choose where your vehicle will be repaired. Having the choice of repairer guarantees safe repairs for your car.

If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault, give our claims assistants a call at Auto Body Smash Repairs before contacting your insurance company.

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